About Us
DECOR-DIZAYN is the largest Russian manufacturer of colored interior molding and white stucco for painting from high density polystyrene. Production is located in the North-West of the Moscow Region

The plant produces more than a thousand articles under its own brand. A well-developed warehouse program is designed to satisfy almost any demand, while it is always possible to coordinate the production of unique shapes, ornaments and colors.
Our advantages
  • Increased impact resistance and durability

    The products of the DECOR-DIZAYN company are made of special impact-resistant materials to ensure durability.
  • Shortest production time

    At the moment, our company provides an exclusive product to the market that has no analogues.
  • Resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations

    The products can be used both in humid rooms and in rooms with temperature differences.
  • Quality raw materials

    The production uses only high-quality raw materials from leading manufacturers
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